* Any techniques not mentioned in the ILLEGAL TECHNIQUES section are allowed for all ages and belt levels in competition.


The following technical fouls result in a major penalty and a DQ:

Technical Fouls – Illegal Techniques: Ages 4 – 9 All Belts Ages 10 – 15 All Belts Ages 16 – 17 All Belts White Belt Blue Belt Purple Belt Brown Belt Black Belt
1 – Straight foot lock.
2 – Submission techniques stretching legs apart.
3 – Forearm choke / Ezequiel choke – Attacking the windpipe.
4 – Wrist lock.
5 – Compressing the torso from closed guard.
6 – Knee bars.
7 – Bicep slicer.
8 – Calf slicer.
9 – Toe hold.
10 – Choke with spinal lock – Frontal Lion Killer / Mata Leao.
11 – Grab the windpipe.
12 – Hands, knees or elbows in the face.
13 – Heel hook.
14 – Knee reaping / Placing the foot across the body.
15 – Locks that twist the knee.
16 – Locks twisting or stretching the spine without choke.
17 – Neck cranks.
18 – Pressure points.
19 – Scissor takedowns (kanibasami).
20 – Slams.
21 – Small joint manipulation – bending the fingers / toes.
22 – Smothering the mouth/nose with the hands.
23 – Spiking the head.
24 – Striking, biting, head butting, hair/ear pulling, fish hooking, eye gouging.
25 – Toe holds applying outward pressure.
26 – With the foot trapped, turning towards the leg not under attack.


In order to receive the points, the competitor must have control of their opponent for 3 seconds. Once the athlete has the opponent controlled the athlete will receive points. It is very important that the competitors keep an eye on the score board and the time so that the competitors can keep track of the fight.

  • THROWS AND TAKEDOWNS ———————– 2 points
  • KNEE ON THE STOMACH —————————- 2 points
  • PASSING THE GUARD ——————————— 3 points
  • FRONT MOUNT POSITION ————————— 4 points
  • BACK MOUNT POSITION —————————– 4 points
  • TAP-OUT – END OF MATCH. The competitor is declared the immediate winner.
  • ** SUDDEN DEATH applies if score is tied at the end of match (see below for Sudden Death definition).

**Sudden Death rule applies to all juvenile and adult male and female divisions, and belt ranks in the tournament.

Sudden Death overtime is 2 minutes for White, Blue, and Purple Belts, and 3 minutes for Brown and Black Belts.
During the Sudden Death overtime, the fighter to score the FIRST POINT of any type is declared the immediate winner and the match is over. If no score is made by either fighter during the Sudden Death Overtime, then the referee will determine and declare the winner of the match.


ATTENTION:The academy owner is responsible for registering their coaches. No more than 2 coaches per schools are allowed. The academy owner must submit an” Individual Coach Registration Form” in order to receive a coaching pass and qualify for a free admission. We WILL NOT have registration after March 27, 2019 by 11:59pm PST or during the tournament.

Only Coach’s will be allowed in the coaching corner and they must show a coaching pass to access this area. A chair will be placed on two corners of the mat for coaches – one for each competitor’s coach. The coach must remain seated, and moving the chair from its predetermined location is NOT allowed. Coaches must obey the referee’s commands at all times. Failure to follow these rules may result in PENALTY of the ATHLETE being coached.

Just to remind all coaches, 3 penalties will result in an ejection from the tournament. Any complaints regarding referees should be directed to the “Chief Referee” AFTER THE MATCH.

The following activities from a coach and or instructors may result in an ejection from the tournament:
* Arguing with the referee.
* Failure to remain seated on chair at all the time.
* Moving of Coach’s chair.
* Unsportsmanlike-like conduct by coaches may result in competitor disqualification.


A referee should always respect fair play. He should see that all competitors display their techniques to the best of their ability. It is not enough for a referee to mechanically conduct a match. He must exert his best efforts in each match to conduct the match smoothly and professionally so that the results can be satisfactory to all parties. A referee must always do his best make a just decision and accept the full responsibility for that decision. A referee must be impartial and non-bias to all competitors, and never favoring one competitor over another.


In order to run a smooth and organized tournament, the tournament organizers reserve the right to choose volunteers and reassignment. If you like to volunteer to help at the tournament, or if you have any questions or concerns about the information above please feel free to contact us at (925) 292-5454 or by email at